My handcrafted, functional wooden salad bowls are now available on-line.

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For an overview of how I make my bowls starting with “retired “ street and yard trees, select the Handcrafting Bowls Pages from the above menu.

If you you have questions, click the Contact tab at the top.

I participate in approximately 12 art and craft shows a year.  My show schedule can be viewed by clicking on Show Schedule.

Each of my salad bowls is unique, determined by the type of tree; the figure and color in the wood: the size of the log: and my design vision during creation.  See the store pages for the one-of-a-kind bowls currently available for sale.

Thank you for viewing my site.

David E. Lupton



Your source for handcrafted wooden salad bowls.  Maple, walnut, cherry, elm, sweetgum, beech, and sycamore salad , nut, and fruit bowls are available at my store.

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