WALNUT SALAD BOWL # 400, 12X4.75

WALNUT SALAD BOWL #400, 12X4.75 The figure in this bowl is absolutely stunning.  The bowl has light sapwood on one side and amazing rippled figure on the other.  The highly figured grain is the result of a small knot as shown in the picture above.  The knot is filled with a mixture of sawdust and epoxy which is a permanent fix.  The rim is undercut to highlight the grain from above and provide a thumb hold for handling.  Hold dinner salad for two to four or just add beauty to your table. $155.


Your source for handcrafted wooden salad bowls.  Maple, walnut, cherry, elm, sweetgum, beech, and sycamore salad, nut, and fruit bowls are available at my store.