My search for wood begins at the places (top left) where the tree trimmers dump their logs.  Wonderful walnut, cherry, maple, etc. trees grow on streets and lawns.  These logs have no commercial value because they often contain nails, bullets, barb wire, and other metal items.  The trick is to get the logs before they are burned or mulched.  Note that the wood is green and contains so much water that it is often termed “wet” wood.

I cut the log into sections(top right and middle left) then slab them through the center with my chain saw.  The bowl will come out of the side of the log.  

Then I round the slab using the band saw (middle right).  Although I would like to start with a round blank which is 16 inches in diameter and 8 inches thick, I take what the log gives me.  This is why my bowls are all different sizes.  

After I drill a hole in the center of the blank (bottom left), I attach it to the screw on the center of the lathe chuck ( bottom right).